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DriftBox Tools 1.8

DriftBox is available in two versions: DB01 and DB02
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The revolutionary DriftBox from Racelogic is a powerful GPS based Performance meter that can measure the drift angle of your car, your lap times, and even 'LineSnap' predictive lap times, which give you instant feedback on your driving. DriftBox is the perfect tool for anybody wanting to accurately measure vehicle or driver performance. With DriftBox you get more features included than any other system available, even compared with systems costing 3 times as much.DriftBox can be used with the Micro Input Module to log RPM and up to four analogue input channels, making it very versatile.DriftBox is developed using LabSat, Racelogic's GPS Simulator, ensuring a high level of GPS accuracy.

The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
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